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Privacy statement of ITP

This is the Privacy Statement of The ITP Institute for Transformational Psychology (ITP), registered in the Commercial Register with the Chamber of Commerce under number

Mission & Vision ITP

Mission We want to provide psychologists, coaches, trainers and therapists with a distinctive & absorbing way of facilitation. Vision Conveying knowledge of Voice Dialogue &

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The Institute for Transformational Psychology aims to provide a contribution to the development of consciousness of individuals, couples and organisations. To achieve these objectives, the


    Postal & visiting adress Schumanlaan 7a 1862 AA Bergen NH, The Netherlands T: +31 85 0046131 M: +31 6 51607758 E: info@voicedialogueworld.com W:

ITP Code

The ITP will attentively ensure that interested parties, participants and clients receive all the necessary information regarding the background of the institute. This code forms

General terms and conditions

Applicability of these terms and conditions 1.1. These service conditions apply to all the program or coaching agreements contracted between ITP and a participant. 1.2.

Quality criteria and accreditation

In general The ITP works according to the quality criteria and guidelines of the International Voice Dialogue Agreement – IVDA. The guidelines described herein belong

Voice Dialogue and the ITP

The ITP is known as the leading training institute in the area of Voice Dialogue and Transformational Psychology in Europe. The institute was founded by