Voicedrama in managementtraining


By Lex Mulder
Throughout the course of its history, Psychodrama has been of great significance to the development of group psychotherapy. To this day, the method is widely used in psychiatric hospitals, day care facilities and therapeutic communities. Besides this, there has always been an urge to put it to use in other fields, such as education and training. This has worked here and there, but not enough. The psychodrama method deserves better. Then why is it still so hard to introduce psychodrama in, for example, the training of managers?

We can outline the Voicedrama process as follows:
The protagonist discovers which sub-personalities play a primary role in his life, he comes into contact with them and experiences what they mean. This is followed by a dis-identification from these sub-personalities, and the discovery and development of the disowned sub-personalities. By experiencing what meaning they have, he is able to behave more consciously. New behavior is practiced, supported by the new understandings.

Why is Voicedrama, executed in this manner, effective in training of managers? Voicedrama is Psychodrama that utilizes the ‘Psychology of Selves’ theory. This means that its effectiveness is a sum of the effectiveness of the psychodrama method and the richness of the ‘Psychology of Selves’ theory.