Purpose of the program

Purpose of the Master Year is the development of excellence, both in ourselves and in our role in the world. Hereby the goal is to work more and more with the principles of the work than the precise form of the different methods. These principles will be highlighted and experienced and we will learn to use them in a flexible manner in our own practice. Throughout the whole year Voice Dialogue facilitation will be practised, goal is the further development of one’s own style in the work.

Special attention will be paid to working with relationships and groups. The theoretical framework of the transformational psychology will be expanded. New approaches will be introduced and practised in order to integrate them in our own practice.

A further deepening of our personal and professional development will take place, attention will be paid to the dream process and the unconscious.

Design of the program

  • Six blocks of 1 – 3  days, one block of a week (on Crete), totalling 21 days.
  • Each participant will have an intake session with one of the trainers and one individual Voice Dialogue session outside of the training blocks.
  • Intervision (peer reflection) in between the training blocks.

It is possible to participate in only one or a few of the blocks. If you like to use this option or have any questions about this please contact Robert Stamboliev at the ITP.

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Self Directed Learning and Vision Development (1 day)

Self Directed Learning gives a theoretical framework and practical tools to translate the psycho-spiritual work of Voice Dialogue to concrete action and practical steps. For a therapist, trainer, coach it is important to choose the right style of coaching/therapy depending on the client and the nature of the question. The inclusive model of Self Directed Learning as developed by Dick Ratering has proven to be very helpful in this process. In it there is room for Voice Dialogue process work, Vision development, brainstorming, creating experiments and implementing changes in daily life and work. See the following article: Self-directed Learning

We will also do specific training in Vision work to help us realise our learning goals.

Voice Dialogue and the body (3 days)

Body Dialogue, Energetics and the measurement of energy patterns before and after a Voice Dialogue session. When we involve our body in the transformational work we act with greater efficacy as the body has immediate and clear reactions. Exercises will be presented that can be easily integrated in the practice with individuals or groups. The study of energy with the test Ryodoraku is a new development that connects the reality of the VD session to a scientific measurement, thus creating a bridge between the psychological approach and science. See the article by Dr Franca Errani: http://www.nl.voicedialogueworld.com/index.php?cmd=page&id=5346

Voice Dialogue and relations (3 days)

Relationship is one of the core fields of the Psychology of Selves. We will be working with relationship issues, both personal and work related. Bonding patterns will be revisited. Demonstration sessions with couples. The techniques of emptying and clearing will be trained. The psychology of transference. Principles of Constellation work in relations. Applications in one’s own practice. More training in Energetics and facilitation techniques. Attention for the dream process in relationships.

When alarm bells should ring – Psychopathology and Voice Dialogue (3 days)

With Dr Elmer Goudsmit, psychiatrist and Robert Stamboliev, psychologist

Learning aim: At the end of the workshop the participant has a basic knowledge of psychopathological symptoms and syndromes and has developed an awareness of the implications of psychopathology for his/her own practice.

Voice Dialogue can be applied within a wide range of settings, including job- or career-coaching, counseling individuals or couples with existential or relational questions, ambulatory psychotherapy and even wards with psychiatric inpatients. Although the boundaries between these categories may not always be clear, different kinds of professional training and experience are required to face the challenges of each of them. Because of the large array of clients that show an interest in Voice Dialogue, facilitators may be faced with the question, whether they are sufficiently equipped to deal with certain types of clients in a professional and responsible way. Especially, the presence of distinct psychopathological symptoms may prove daunting in this respect.

The present workshop intends to address this issue by enabling participants to investigate their own professional knowledge, capabilities, ambitions, limitations and doubts from a psychopathological perspective. In addition to an introduction in the main psychopathological systems and a presentation of some of the most frequent syndromes (e.g., mood disorders, suicidal intention, borderline and narcissistic personality disorder, eating disorders, psychosis), the teaching will include demonstrations, role-play and individual sessions aimed at the development of a ‘psychopathologically’-aware ego.

See also the article by Susan Schwartz Senstad ‘When alarmbells should ring’ Susan was kind enough to let us use this title for the workshop.

Voice Dialogue and group dynamics (3 days)

Application of the Psychology of Selves to group dynamics. Energetic principles in group work. Verbal and non-verbal communication. Each participant will lead a (sub)group and receive feedback and get on the job training. Elements of the process oriented psychology of Arnold and Amy Mindell will be presented and integrated in the work. Chaos and Structure, experiencing these powerful archetypes – necessary for transformational trainers – through group work. Further development of one’s own style of leadership. Applications in one’s own practice.

Towards the Archetypes – Voice Dialogue and the Transpersonal (7 days on Crete)

This training is aimed at deepening and takes place in a beautiful and powerful setting that evokes deep processes and learning. Attention will be paid to the dream process. Margreet Renkers will be with us as a guest teacher. Margreet will provide the art room and give training in creative techniques. Teaching about mythology will be given. We will be practicing techniques such as Stretching. Also attention will be paid to the development of spirituality and how to integrate this in one’s practice. We will present recently developed transpersonal work. See the article about ‘Connecting with the Field’ by Jerien Koolbergen and the article by Jerien Koolbergen and Robert Stamboliev ‘Voice Dialogue as en entryway into the transpersonal’

For more information about content and location see following link: Towards the archetypes, Advanced Intensive op Kreta

Fine-tuning (1 day)

The content of this day will be determined by the wishes of participants and what the staff considers necessary. At this stage it will be clear if there are loose ends and what is needed for further deepening and to dot the i’s. Fine-tuning the instrument that is you.


Meetings for intervision in a subgroup take place in between the training blocks. The purpose is to practice the different methods and techniques and to work on the integration of the acquired skills in one’s own practice.


The learning method used is the method of Self Directed Learning. This is connected to the process oriented approach of Voice Dialogue. Participants are stimulated to indicate what they need for their own learning. In order to facilitate this process sequence and parts of the program can be changed if necessary. It does not mean that the organization of this training program does not have a clear picture in mind of what the end result of the program should be.

Size of the group

Minimal six, maximum sixteen participants.


  • Embracing Our Selves,  Hal & Sidra Stone
  • Embraci9ng Each Other,  Hal & Sidra Stone
  • Partnering,  Hal & Sidra Stone
  • Embracing the Inner Critic,  Hal & Sidra Stone
  • The Inner Patriarch, Sidra Stone
  • The Energetics of Voice Dialogue, Robert Stamboliev
  • Homerische hymns, Homerus
  • Godesses in every woman, Jean Shinoda Bolen
  • Gods in every man, Jean Shinoda Bolen
  • Pagan meditations, Ginette Paris
  • The king and the corps, Heinrich Zimmer
  • The hero with a thousand faces, Joseph Campbell
  • Amor and Psyche, Eric Neumann
  • The Genesis and Geometry of the Labyrinth, Patrick Conty

Study load

  • Training course: 21 days,  192 hours
  • Peer reflection: 16 day parts, 48 hours
  • Homework assignments and presentations: 82 hours
  • Literature study: 192 hours
  • Total study load: 514 hours


If you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact Robert Stamboliev at the ITP on telephone number Vrij +31725818008 or mobile at +31651607758

[wptabtitle]Practical information[/wptabtitle]

Practical information Voice Dialogue Master Year for experienced coaches, trainers and therapists


  • block 1 – Self-directed learning January 2015
  • blok 2 – Psychopathology and VD 4 t/m 6 February  2015
  • blok 3 – VD and the body April 2015
  • blok 4 – VD en relations June 2015
  • blok 5 – Groepsdynamics and VD September 2015
  • blok 6 – Archetypes (on Kreta) October 2015
  • blok 7 – Fine-tuning december 2015


  • Private € 5.400,- exclusive of accommodation costs.
  • Company € 5.400,- exclusive of accommodation cost

It is possible to pay in installments, please contact our office if you are interested in this.


Apart from the Archetypes all the blocks of the training will be held at the well accommodated Blooming welness hotel in Bergen, The Netherlands, beautifully situated in the north western coastal area.

The week about Archetypes will be held on the Enagron estate in Axos, Crete, Greece.

Accommodation costs

There are different kinds of accommodation arrangements possible in the Blooming welness hotel in Bergen, Netherland, including use of facilities (sauna, swimming pool). Please contact the hotel for more information.

In case you choose the off-ground lodging option there are ample posibilities for lodging in the Bergen area, see the tourist information site for prices and booking: www.vvvbergen.com

The Enagron estate has single and double rooms available.

For the week:

  • Single room full board € 695,-
  • Double occupancy full board € 495,-

Payment terms

In accordance with article 3.2. of the ITP terms and conditions, one has to make a first instalment of 10 % of the total costs for the training and accommodation with a minimum of € 400,- . One month before the start of the training the remaining amount of the total costs for the training and accommodation has to be transferred to the ITP bank account at the ABN AMRO bank, account number  ITP, Bergen, Netherlands: IBAN: NL53 ABNA 041 36 45 339, BIC: ABNANL2A

Cancellation policy

In accordance with article 6.2 of the ITP terms and conditions one can cancel without costs up till two months before the start of the training. Up till one month before the start of the training 60 % of the total costs for the training and accommodation will be charged. Afterward the full amount will be charged.


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