Ruud Zuurman


Ruud (1967) is the head and owner of the ITP and is responsible for the organization en growth opportunities within the institute. For carrying out the programs he has assembled a highly experienced staff.

Ruud has been working as a manager, educator, trainer and process guide since 1988. He is trained in leadership, group dynamics, didactics, psychodrama and psychopathology. At ITP he followed all steps organically and intensely. After following the basic and master’s course Transformational Psychology and Voice Dialogue, he learned the tricks of the trade from Robert Stamboliev and Maria Daniels for a decade as a trainer and process counsellor. He then took several international Voice Dialogue courses, among others with Hal and Sidra Stone, the developers of the Voice Dialogue method.

Apart from his professional experience, Ruud’s way of working is fed by several strong personal experiences. As a military team leader, he was a member of an anti-terror unit and led several teams in extremely severe circumstances, such as the Fall of Srebrenica in 1995. Eight thousand people lost their lives here. This greatest genocide in Europe since World War Two deeply affected and shaped him.
In addition, his oldest daughter died at the age of 16 and his second daughter at the age of 20.

With the necessary support, Ruud managed to transform the majority of his pain, sadness, anger and depressive feelings into a fulfilling gratitude for these intensive life lessons and the ability to guide others in their personal, often in-depth processes of transformation.
Apart from relationship issues, matters concerning mourning and war trauma attract his special attention. However, questions centred around the world instead of man also fascinate him.

In his book ‘Een kus…en een knuffel’ (A kiss…and a hug!) Ruud shares his personal experiences with a larger audience.

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Ruud has the following to say about his personal mission:
“I wish that every man knows how to find a balance between his or her powerful and vulnerable energies, in which they can and are allowed to accept these contradicting energies in themselves and are consequently capable of channelling these from a healthy middle ground, the so-called Aware Ego. I am deeply convinced that inner peace and world peace can only be achieved with the development of an Aware Ego.

With the ITP I would like, on a very high qualitative level, to further spread this body of thought internationally.”


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