Trainers and Coaches of the ITP

Robert Stamboliev MA

Founder and owner ITP, The Netherlands
Trainer, coach

and relationship-therapist

Maria Daniëls

Spain and The Netherlands
Trainer, coach

and relationship-therapist

Ozlem Sarioglu, PCC

Istanbul, Turkey
Trainer and coach

Elmer Goudsmit, MD, PHD

Trainer, psychiatrist

and schema therapist

Miriam Dyak

Seattle, USA
Trainer and coach

Anita Roelands

The Netherlands
Trainer, psychologist

and burn-out specialist

Abel Boor

The Netherlands
Trainer and psychologist

Anita Bakker

The Netherlands
Trainer and coach

Ilona ten Boer

The Netherlands
Educator, Coach and Trainer

Teachers and inspirators

Hal Stone Ph.D. & Sidra Stone Ph.D.

Founders of Voice Dialogue
and the Psychology of Selves