Deelnemers over Voice Dialogue Intensives

“Ik vond het een week met een sterretje. Dank jullie wel voor de professionele aanpak en persoonlijke aandacht. Ik heb het als zeer verrijkend ervaren en gebruik jullie werkwijze nu al in mijn coaching.” Martin de Waziers (France): “The holistic approach you took was quite stunning to me and it certainly helped me see Voice Dialogue as powerful. You were both (Robert and Maria) very professional and I will gladly recommend people to your sessions; the fact of the matter is you form an excellent balancing act in my view and I could constantly feel the two sides of me responding to your energies combined. If you left nothing clear in the open, it gave a sense of safety all around. Finally, this combination of individual exposure and group dynamics made me feel I was truly taken care of; I have rarely felt that part of a trainee assembly.”