Vaassen – Gelderland


Most of the ITP education programmes and training courses are held in Vaassen at a truly magnificent location by the name of Mollenvlied.

Anyone driving onto Mollenvlied can instantly feel that this is indeed a very special place. This beautiful location in its woodland setting exudes an almost magical atmosphere.

Mollenvlied is situated in one of the most beautiful areas of the Veluwe, on the edges of the Royal Forestry Nature Reserve. Here you have a feeling of space, as well as peace and quiet. There is plenty of room for you to go and find a little spot in the sunshine or to enjoy the dappled shade of the majestic beeches and chestnut trees. In the peaceful, rural setting of Houtvesterij Het Loo [woodland district], you can walk, cycle, and enjoy the countryside to your heart’s content. What makes this area so very special is its many springs and streams, as well as its ancient ‘Celtic’ burial mounds.



September/October is the deer rutting period. You can hear the stags bellowing away to attract the does and to scare off their rivals.

Work Rooms
The beautifully thatched lounge area is set one metre into the ground, which gives it a very special and cosy feeling. The surrounding views when looking out from the many windows are absolutely stunning.

The various atmospheric stand-alone areas ensure that participants can exercise quietly and peacefully.


The Mollenvlied


The accommodation is situated approx. 3 km from the village centre of Vaassen. In Vaassen, there are plenty of places to go out for an evening meal, including a simple bistro and a two star restaurant.

Important: there is no public transport from Vaassen to the Mollenvlied. The nearest train station is Apeldoorn, 10 km.

The closest accommodation to stay is Vakantiepark de Bosrand. It’s located at 1.4 km from the Mollenvlied.