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The ITP is known as the leading training institute in the area of Voice Dialogue and Transformational Psychology in Europe. The institute was founded by Robert Stamboliev in 1988 and has brought this innovative approach to the Netherlands and rolled it out to a large number of European countries. Since 1982 Robert studied for years with doctors Hal and Sidra Stone, the developers of Voce Dialogue, with Hal as his mentor.

Until their last European training in 2007 the ITP was the European partner of Hal and Sidra and practically all their European trainings were organized by the ITP, where Robert assembled and led the staff. Almost all instructors and trainers of the various Voice Dialogue training centres in these countries are trained by the ITP. Maria Daniels of the ITP also played an important role in this process.

The DNA of the ITP

The present owner of the ITP, Ruud Zuurman, works since 2006 as trainer for the ITP. With his large background in didactics and balance between vulnerability and power, he is the right person to take the work forward. All educational programs and trainings are developed further under his guidance to an ever more refined balance between energy work and a solid didactical approach.

This balance and deeply rooted history is in the DNA of the ITP and tangible for all students and clients. As a result, almost all courses and trainings are constantly booked.

The experienced international staff affiliated to the ITP now consists of 12 Voice Dialogue specialists, originating from various disciplines. This makes the ITP the largest training institute of Voice Dialogue and Transformational Psychology in the world. The ITP is considered as a master institute according to the International Voice Dialogue Agreement – IVDA.


With Voice Dialogue World, the ITP also offers a platform and knowledge centre where you can find and share information about books, articles, facts and areas of use of Voice Dialogue and Transformational Psychology. Read more about the ITP.

Voice Dialogue Training

For professionals. March 19 – 22, 2019 in Bergen, The Netherlands.

Towards Spirituality – Andalusia Spain

May, 2020 with Maria Daniëls en Ruud Zuurman.

Voice Dialogue Summer Academy

June 25 – July 7, 2019 in Varese, Italy. With Robert Stamboliev.

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