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The energetics of Voice Dialogue

Robert Stamboliev. In this book the energetic aspects of the psychological method of Voice Dialogue are explored, developed and demonstrated. An overview of the consciousness

Den Energien eine Stimme geben

Robert Stamboliev. In der Voice Dialogue Methode werden Energiemuster des Menschen als eigene Persönlichkeiten angesprochen und aktiviert. Diesen Energien wird eine Stimme gegeben, sich mietzuteilen.

Fondements énergétiques du Dialogue Intérieur

Robert Stamboliev. Dans ce livre Robert Stamboliev explore en profondeur l’aspect énergétique du Dialogue Intérieur, afin d’élargir une expérience qui pourrait être essentiellement mentale: atteindre

Liebe bleibt solange sie tanzt

Hal & Sidra Stone. Den Zauber der Liebe dauerhaft bewahren – wer wünscht sich das nicht! Aber was hindert uns daran? Mit Liebe bleibt kommen

The aware ego (CD)

Hal & Sidra Stone. The “Aware Ego” process is a totally new concept and one of the Stones’ major contributions to the understanding of the

A personal Odyssee (CD)

Hal Stone interviewed by Sidra Stone. Hal believes that there is a special music or theme that is orchestrated within each of us and –

The dragon’s teeth (CD)

A myth of our times – Hal Stone. As the dream is to the individual, the myth is to the culture. These three myths —

Me, My Selves and I

Judith Budde, Karin Brugman and Berry Collewijn. Discovering other sides of yourself with Voice Dialogue In Me, My Selves and I, the authors invite you


A New Kind of Relationship. Hal & Sidra Stone. Equality in relationships A joint venture complete with business meetings Moving out of our old “automatic”

Embracing your inner critic

Turning Self Criticism into a Creative Asset. Hal & Sidra Stone. The Inner Critic. It whispers, whines, and needles us into place. It checks our

Embracing each other

Relationship as Teacher, Healer & Guide. Hal & Sidra Stone. This is a companion book to Embracing Our Selves, a major contribution to our understanding

Embracing our selves

Hal & Sidra Stone. This is the revolutionary work that you have heard so much about! Written for the psychologically minded lay person, but hailed

Een kus… en een knuffel!

Why are my daughters dying? As a team leader, Ruud Zuurman was involved in the Fall of Srebrenica in 1995. Several years later, two of his

Anita Bakker

My name is Anita Bakker. I have been working for over 20 years as trainer, coach and roleplay- actor. My experience as drama therapist depicts

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Ilona ten Boer

I am Ilona ten Boer and as a professional coach and trainer I make a positive contribution to the growth and development of professionals and

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René Grimbergen

Ik ben René Grimbergen (1965) en ben opgeleid als creatief therapeut (tuin), docent en coach. Ik ben geregistreerd lerarenopleider en heb ruim 20 jaar ervaring

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