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Voice Dialogue & Transformational Psychology Course

Specialization course for professional counsellors who want to make a real difference!

Including E-Learning package worth € 995,00!

Starts yearly

You may very well recognize yourself in one or more of the following questions:

  • Are you ready for a next step in your professional development?
  • Do you want to add a powerful method to your repertoire?
  • Do you like to have more depht in your work?
  • Do you sometimes get stuck in your accompanying trajectories with your clients?
  • Do you find it sometimes difficult to interpret problems of your clients?
  • Do the conversations with your clients stay too superficial and rational?
  • Are you too eager to offer solutions to your clients solutions?
  • Do you sometimes experience tensions between you and your clients?
  • Do you have little experience with energy work?
  • Do you have little experience with accompanying painful feelings and traumatic experiences?
  • Do you notice only little change in your clients after several sessions?
  • Don’t you consider yourself an expert yet as a coach or therapist?

In that case this inspiring training program may be suitable for you. You will learn to assimilate a wonderful working method, and you will be able to apply the principles of Voice Dialogue and Transformational Psychology in your own practice.

In addition the course is aimed at deepening the personal process of the participants, which will result in more depth in their work with clients. We will work with deeper layers of consciousness, the awareness of the body and its energy fields and there will be a focus on the development of one’s own spirituality.

To teach all aspects of the work and to enable participants to apply these in practice the ITP, based on more than 30 years of experience in training professionals, has developed this balanced program consisting of 15 training days.

The program is particularly suitable for people who wish to efficiently accompany clients who have questions around the following themes:

  • Questions of meaningfulness
  • Work-life balance
  • Stress and vitality
  • Setting limits
  • Mourning and acceptance
  • Dealing with (self)criticism
  • Coaching skills
  • Vision development
  • Relationship and teamwork
  • Important choices and decisions
  • Healing

For whom
Experienced psychologists, coaches, psychotherapists, trainers, mediators and managers. They have at least three years of working experience as a coach/trainer/therapist, they have a strong professional background, have done their psychological homework and they have a developing insight in themselves as an instrument in their profession.

Martin Waziers – France, about the course
The holistic approach you took was quite stunning to me and it certainly helped me see Voice Dialogue as powerful. The trainers were very professional and I will gladly recommend people to your sessions; the fact of the matter is you form an excellent balancing act in my view and I could constantly feel the two sides of me responding to your energies combined. If you left nothing clear in the open, it gave a sense of safety all around. Finally, this combination of individual exposure and group dynamics made me feel I was truly taken care of; I have rarely felt that part of a trainee assembly.


Design of the program

The program starts with an interview with one of the trainers, also possible by phone or Skype. We will examine together whether the program suits your situation and learning goals.

Training blocks

The program consists of three blocks of three days and two blocks of four days, four intervision meetings of a half day and one day for completing the program. In total 20 days (52 day parts, 156 training hours). There are about two months between each block.
On every four participants there will be an extra trainer present during parts of the program. Thus there will be ample opportunity for personal coaching of participants, supervision on their work and individual Voice Dialogue sessions during the program.
We will work with the material that will be brought in by the participants. Practice with situations of one’s own practice can be fully addressed. Next to this there are homework assignments, cases and literature study. The total length of the program is about one year.


Block 1 – 3 days Voice Dialogue Basics
Treatment of the consciousness model and training in Voice Dialogue facilitation techniques. Participants are alternating as subject and object. Attention for the role of the Inner Critic and Judge, learning how to recognize and acknowledge these energy patterns in the client and how they can be applied in a positive way. Dealing with vulnerability and fear and how these can be transformed. Theory and practice of the Aware Ego.

Block 2 – 3 days Energetics
Training in energy management, learning how to use the energetic principles in Voice Dialogue. Exercises aimed at mapping the energy polarities that are active for each participant, attention for the role of energy in interpersonal contact. Applications in one’s own practice. Integration of Voice Dialogue and other more energy oriented  approaches (i.e. focusing). Demonstration sessions and further training in facilitation techniques.

Block 3 – 3 days Relationships
Treatment of the Voice Dialogue relationship model and training in working with conflicts and issues of collaboration. Introduction to ‘bonding patterns’ and the ‘clearing‘ method. Training in the application of this knowledge in one’s own practice and in training one’s clients – adapted to their specific needs – to improve their communication. Attention for projection, transference and counter transference and how to use these in a positive way: the coach/therapist as an instrument.

Block 4 – 4 days Instinctive energy patterns
Principles of Empowerment. Attention to the body, use of the voice and breathing patterns. Sources of energy in nature. Training in Voice Dialogue as a means to reach Empowerment. Working with ‘personal’ and ‘impersonal’ energy, ‘action’ and ‘being’ energy and Instinctive energy. Training in channelling these and other energies through an Aware Ego. Integration in one’s own practice.

Block 5 – 4 days The Unconscious, group and family systems
Deepening. Attention for the unconscious and working with dreams and archetypes. Further training in Energetics. The art of ‘being unburdened’, working from the ‘empty middle’. How to reach a maximum result with minimal interventions. Attention for the application of the different methods and techniques in one’s own practice. Further development of one’s own style.

Meeting for completion
About two months after the last training block the group gets together with the trainers. Here participants present what they have learned in the course, based on the experiences in their own practice. With feedback and attention for dotting the i’s the program will come to an end.

After successful completion of the program the participant will receive a certificate

The learning method used is the method of Self Directed Learning. This is connected to the process oriented approach of Voice Dialogue. Participants are stimulated to indicate what they need for there own learning. In order to facilitate this process sequence and parts of the program can be changed if necessary. It does not mean that the organization of this training program does not have a clear picture in mind of what the end result of the program should be.

After this course:

  • You can make better interventions.
  • You can analyse complex questions more easily.
  • You are more capable to get to the core of a problem and help solve it.
  • You can use the Psychology of Selves as a diagnostic instrument.
  • You have more awareness about physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy patterns.
  • You have more awareness about the energetic processes, both of yourself and your clients.
  • You are a better and more fine-tuned instrument in your professsion.
  • You ave a deeper insight and better understanding of the dynamics of relationship.
  • You are more and more the expert whoi can make a real difference!

The following books will be used during the program:

  • Embracing Our Selves – Hal and Sidra Stone Ph.D.
  • Embracing Each Other – Hal and Sidra Stone Ph.D.
  • Embracing Your Inner Critic – Hal and Sidra Stone Ph.D.
  • The Energetics of Voice Dialogue – Robert Stamboliev MA.
  • Focusing – Eugene T. Gendlin Ph.D.
  • Hold me tight, EFT – Sue Johnson Ph.D.
  • Internal Family Systems Therapy – Richard Schwartz Ph.D.
  • Reinventing your life, Schematherapy – Jeffrey Young Ph.D. and Janet Klosko Ph.D.

The total costs of these books amounts to around € 200,00. You need to purchase the books yourself.

Study load
The average study load is 4 hours per week.

Practical information


VDO 37 – with Robert Stamboliev , Brigitte van Ardenne,  Janine van Hees

  • Block 1: January 24, 25, 26, 2024
  • Block 2: April 9, 10, 11, 2024
  • Block 3: June 19, 20, 21, 2024
  • Block 4: September 10, 11, 12, 13, 2024
  • Block 5: November 12, 13, 14, 15, 2024
  • Meeting for completion: January 17, 2025

VDO 38 – with Robert Stamboliev and staff

  • Block 1: February 5, 6, 7, 2025
  • Block 2: April 9, 10, 11, 2025
  • Block 3: June 18, 19, 20, 2025
  • Block 4: September 2, 3, 4, 5, 2025
  • Block 5: November 3, 4, 5, 6, 2025
  • Meeting for completion: January 16, 2026


  • First day of each block from: 10.00 AM – 7.00 PM
  • Middle day(s) of each block: 9.30 AM – 7.00 PM
  • Last day of each block: 9.30 AM – 5.00 PM.

Prices training

  • Private: Training fee € 5.197,00.
  • Business*: Training fee € 6.197,00

*Business fee applies when when the costs are paid by your company and/or are tax deductable.

Included are: 18 days of training, and one performance review.

All our trainings are exempt of VAT as we are a CRKBO registered institute for vocational training.


The training will be held in Bergen aan Zee. The day fee costs for the centre are € 55,- per person per day and include coffee and tea and lunch.  These will be billed in advance.
Different kinds of accommodation are available in the training centre Huize Glory and in the Bergen area. You need to book these yourself but we are happy to assist you in this matter.

Payment terms
In accordance with article 3.2. of the ITP terms and conditions, one has to make a first installment of 10% of the total costs for the training and accommodation with a minimum of € 400,-. One month before the start of the training the remaining amount of the total costs for the training and accommodation has to be transferred to the ITP bank account.

Cancellation policy
In accordance with article 6.2 of the ITP terms and conditions one can cancel without costs up till three months before the start of the training, up to two months before the start of the training 50% of the total costs will be charged. Up till one month before the start of the training 75% of the total costs for the training and accommodation will be charged.

Afterward the full amount will be charged.

Terms and conditions and the ITP code
The ITP terms and conditions, as well as the ITP code, apply to all of our trainings.

The training is in English and in subgroups people can work also in other languages.

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