More about the ITP

The Institute for Transformational Psychology aims to provide a contribution to the development of consciousness of individuals, couples and organisations. To achieve these objectives, the ITP organises lectures, education and training courses for psychologists, therapists, coaches, trainers, managers and career advisors.

The ITP’s courses and training have major clinical value. For instance, the one-year Transformational Psychology (TP) and Voice Dialogue course is valued at 98 credits by the Dutch Association of Psychologists.

The ITP offers coaching and therapy to individuals and partners. The ITP’s methods and techniques aren’t an objective in itself, but powerful tools to gain insight into a number of important principles of transformation. This leads to a substantial deepening of man.

Mission & Vision of the ITP
Advocate of the classic Voice Dialogue

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Trainers and Coaches

Selfknowledge is the basis for Mastery
With Voice Dialogue you can go as deep as you like, as high as you can reach, as low as you dare and as far as you can. It is the exploration of our inner space, in which both heaven and earth have their place. The ensuing shift in our energy patterns changes consciousness and alters our possibilities for relationship and our place in the world.