Individual Retreat

Focusing on yourself for a few consecutive days!

Intensive three-day programme
The Individual Retreat is a more intensive form of individual coaching or therapy. In a retreat you work on personal questions or issues just like in a ‘normal’ trajectory.

However, because of this intensive form, you get into your process more profoundly and therefore better. It’s logical that you then also get a quicker answer to your learning objective or a solution to your problem.

Time for yourself
Dare to break through the everyday routine and make time for yourself! Distance, a different environment and guidance by an experienced and objective coach may provide a new view of your situation. After all, when can you really think about your own desires? You are often sucked into everyday things, such as family, work, social contacts and other obligations.

This Individual Retreat lasts three days, during which you have five sessions. One session takes on average two hours. At your pace, we work on the subjects to put forward in the morning and afternoon. In between you have the time to let new experiences sink in and relax.
After four weeks, we have a phone or Skype call to discuss your progress.

• You have more insight into your own desires and feelings.
• You have more inner strength, freedom, peace and balance.
• You can manage yourself better.
• You are more capable of making the right decisions.
• You have been given more handles to achieve your goal.
• You are more aware of your vulnerability and how to protect it effectively.

Work locations
We welcome you to one of our atmospheric residences.
Depending on your preference, you are counselled by Robert Stamboliev or Ruud Zuurman. Robert works at our location in the beautiful inspiring Bergen North Holland. Ruud at the relaxing and slowed down area of Beerta, Groningen.

More information
Do not hesitate to email or call us for information or a free introductory talk. Of course others forms are possible if you wish. We will be happy to talk to you.

Robert Stamboliev MA
Schumanlaan 7A
1862 AA Bergen-NH
The Netherlands
M: +31 6 51 60 77 58

Ruud Zuurman
Parallelweg 38
9686 SV Beerta-GN
The Netherlands
M: +31 6 23 30 17 23