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Towards the Archetypes, Crete

For advanced Voice Dialogue facilitators.

  • April 8 – 14, 2025

with Robert Stamboliev and Margreet Renkers

ITP is happy to announce the twelfth edition of ‘Towards the Archetypes’, a one week intensive training-retreat on the beautiful island of Crete, Greece. The training will be a retreat with emphasis on personal deepening by working with archetypes, dreams and energetics. Working with archetypal energy patterns goes beyond the work on the personal level. A deeper layer in our psyche will get activated and the movement of energy will increase.

Working on the Archetypal level
Archetypes represent our deepest universal primal instincts. These instincts are therefore not culture-specific and can be found in every single one. Sub-personalities are formed under the influence of the culture in which you live, but are fed by these universal primal instincts.
To be able to work with energy on the archetypal level, a facilitator must be a Master of working with the multiple layers of energy in a client. We also refer to this as dancing with energy.

In order to be able to devote oneself as an instrument in his or her role as a professional counselor, a facilitator must learn to recognise, accept and use the archetypal energy layers within themselves. Only once a facilitator has this ability, he or she will be able to work with their own clients’ energy on an archetypal level.


Transformation of energy on an archetypal level means that a sustainable shift in a client’s perception and behaviour occurs organically and that a greater degree of freedom of choice emerges.


We will work with Voice Dialogue, but also with creative techniques such as dance, movement, mask making, rituals. We will visit archeologically and psychologically interesting sites, such as the Cretan labyrinth and different temples. Special places in nature will play a role.




Pieter Kas – Organizational consultant
The ITP has developed a very beautiful way of working with voice dialogue. I have been training with Robert Stamboliev for a year now and experience the rhythm and depth it creates as incomparably beautiful. As the start of the master year, I have just experienced a special week in Enagron (on Crete). Together with Margreet Renkers, Robert put together a program that gets to the core. Enagron is a special place to get in touch with the archetypes, yourself and your fellow travelers. The depth of conversations and experiences made this week a time to cherish and not to forget. How wonderful it was, how special it was. The silence of the cave, the views of the plateau, the vultures circling over us and being together, being real. Singing, dancing, drawing, claying, painting and walking the labyrinth.


Anja Goedkoop – Program Manager
A deepening training of the very highest level! All elements of this training enrich the process: the group, the location, the excursions, the exercises and of course the insanely expert guidance by Robert and Margreet. Each aspect forms a sophisticated part and together make it an extremely valuable experience. This week was, both personally and professionally, a very big gift to myself! Thank you!


Elmer Goudsmit – Psychiatrist and psychotherapist
What makes this training so special, is the fact that the participants are all very experienced trainers, coaches and therapists, who have a pretty good idea of what they are looking for and don’t need much direction. With a group like that, the trainers of the ITP are at their best. They offer a loosely knitted program around a number of well-organized highlights. Their way of working is extremely flexible and adaptable to individual needs, enabling both a stimulating group process and highly individualized self exploration and development. That, together with the incredibly friendly and welcoming atmosphere in the Enagron resort, the stunningly beautiful landscape around Axos, the wonderful group dinners and a glimpse of the greek soul during what started as a musical evening and ended as a celebration of life itself, makes this a truly nourishing experience. In my line of work (psychiatrist/psychotherapist, but I imagine it is not much different for trainers and coaches), this is a great way to take care of ones own emotional, spiritual and worldly needs. I am surprised by the insights (and some completely new questions), which I took home from this workshop. They will feed me for a long time to come.



For whom
This training is organised for people who have a working knowledge and experience of the Voice Dialogue process. Goals are finding new insights and inspiration for yourself and in your work, the expansion and refinement of your facilitation skills and deepening your profession. Please contact the ITP office if you have questions about your level of competence. The group is limited to 12 participants.

Underlying focus as is always the case, our primary focus is on the all-round development of each participant. In addition, the week has a retreat format with emphasis on personal deepening by working with archetypes, dreams and energetics.

The training is residential and will be held at Enagron, a beautiful estate near the village Axos on the foothills of mount Ida on Crete. On the estate there are different kinds of maisonettes, for one, two or more persons. And there is a good biological kitchen. Enagron is located 44 kilometres from the airport at Heraklion, this is about an hour by car. See for more information the Enagron website.




Life on Crete

We will lavish ourselves on the Greek life, a slowing down of time, away from the daily routines in a special environment where being together, the meeting, interaction and exchange with one another will be a source of inspiration and lead to new insights.

The chapter Archetypes from The Energetics of Voice Dialogue by Robert Stamboliev will give a theoretical basis. The following books about mythology and archetypes are not obligatory, but good as a preparation and to get into the mood for the program:

  • Homeric hymns, Homer
  • The energetics of Voice Dialogue, Robert Stamboliev
  • The books of Jean Shinoda Bolen
  • Pagan meditations, Ginette Paris
  • The king must die, Mary Renault
  • The king and the corps, Heinrich Zimmer
  • The hero with a thousand faces, Joseph Campbell
  • Amor and psyche, Erich Neumann


Study load
Program: 7 days, 56 hours. Plus literature study.

Practical information

Content and practical information Towards the Archetypes, on Crete, Greece

Daily working schedule

  • First day 3.00 PM – 7.30 PM.
  • Daily 9.30 AM – 7.30 PM.
  • Last day 9.30 AM – 2.00 PM.

On some evenings activities may be planned, suitable for the hour.

Training fee, exclusive of accommodation costs:

  • € 2.175,- per person.
  • Early bird € 1.975,- per person. Early bird until October 1, 2024.

Accommodation costs (full board)

  • Single occupancy € 1045,- (including room and all meals).
  • Double occupancy € 895, – (including room and all meals).

With your inscription you can let us know your preference for a single or double room.




Registration and payment conditions
In order to register, please fill out the registration form on this website. An invoice will follow and a down-payment of € 600,- has to be made. The remaining amount has is due before October 1st 2024.

Cancellation policy
In derogation of the ITP terms and conditions in case of cancellation until October 1st, 2024 € 600,- will be charged. Until December 1st, 2024 € 1.200,- will be charged. After that date there will be no refunds possible, unless someone else can take your place.

Terms and conditions and the ITP code
The ITP terms and conditions, as well as the ITP code, apply to all of our trainings.

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