ITP Code

The ITP will attentively ensure that interested parties, participants and clients receive all the necessary information regarding the background of the institute. This code forms part of that and provides further explanation on ITP working methods.

1. Voice Dialogue and Transformational Psychology at the ITP
Programmes, lectures and information that we offer are aimed at the development of the consciousness of individuals and organisations. This means that Voice Dialogue and all other methods and techniques used are not a goal in themselves, but are used to realise an in-depth experience of the participants. All this contributes to gaining insight and integration of some essential aspects of transformation. The ITP, Institute for Transformational Psychology, is a Master institute according to the international Voice Dialogue Quality Agreement, and is regarded as the training institute for Voice Dialogue and Transformational psychology in the Netherlands and Europe.

2. Skilled participants
Our programmes are intended for professionals in the field of coaching, therapy and training. All participants in our programmes have a HBO (Higher Vocational Education) working and thinking level and want to get to know themselves better. Experience with self-reflection and research into one’s own behaviour increase the learning effect during the programmes. The learning process of the participants is a permanent correlation between individual learning and learning together with other participants. We therefore always see an active learning attitude with participants. Finally the same objective always comes first: a deepening of everybody’s personal and professional development. Of course participants are well accompanied and they can always make an appeal to us by telephone or e-mail for additional program guidance.

3. Fascinating and active programmes
In our programmes we work with the principles of Voice Dialogue and Transformational psychology. Theory, exercises, individual practice sessions and working under supervision alternate with each other. Intervision can also form part of the programme. The self-experiencing, feeling and practicing are essential starting points in this.

With this the learned material is in fact constantly evaluated in practice. The programmes have no final test. However, each programme contains a rounding-off meeting, where participants present what they have learned by means of reflection on their personal experiences. Depending on the programme a concrete final assignment is attached to the rounding off.

Upon satisfactory completion of the programme every participant will receive a certificate.

Programmes are on a HBO+level.

Depending on the speaking language of the participants the programmes are provided either in Dutch or in English.

4. Depth of the programme
The study load of a programme varies. A programme consists of a certain number of days, where we assume that participants are present every moment. Absence of course has an effect on the learning capacity and on being able to experience and practice the learned material. To a greater extent it can be said that in addition to the actual time taken up by the programme, there is a need for a number of periods in the day for the studying of books and articles. The study load of this will be different for each participant, depending on experience, interest and needs.

5. Inspiring work material
For support of our programmes we use various inspiring books and articles, written by highly respected authors with experience relating to the matter. Books that serve as a foundation and must be read by participants in our programmes are:

  • ‘Embracing Our Selves – The Voice Dialogue Manual’ – Hal Stone & Sidra L. Stone (New World Library, 1998) also available in Dutch: ‘Thuiskomen in Jezelf – Voice Dialogue Handboek’ (De Zaak, 2006)
  • ‘Partnering – A New Kind of Relationship’ – Sidra Stone (New World Library, 2000) also available in Dutch: ‘Van elkaar houden zonder jezelf te verliezen’ (De Zaak, 2006)
  • ‘The Energetics of Voice Dialogue’ – Robert Stamboliev (Life Rythm, 1992) also available in Dutch: ‘De Energetica van Voice Dialogue’ (De Zaak, 2012)

The costs of these three books are – depending on the language – between €50 and €75.

Moreover, during the programmes we will hand out articles and there are various other interesting books on Voice Dialogue available.

All books can be ordered via our website

6. Experienced and professional coaches
Our programmes are carried out and guided by senior professionals: they are all trainers, teachers and coaches or therapists. Our people have many years of experience and know how to adequately apply those experiences in the programmes. This translates into intensive and personal guidance.

Trainers gain personal inspiration on a regular basis and with ongoing education and coaching they continually work on raising their own high qualities.

7. Diligence and aftercare
For those interested and participants it is pleasant to know that our institute always deals with questions and wishes that may arise with efficiency and skill. Of course we carefully handle personal details and information. After having participated in a programme, participants sometimes also feel a need for additional contact or they like to continue what they have learned in a follow-up program. We are always available for this, after all, developing and discovering yourself never ends.

8. Attractive accommodation
For the location of our programmes we use comfortable, pleasant accommodation equipped with all modern conveniences. These are mostly situated in and around Bergen – The Netherlands. The same applies to our programmes abroad. Thanks to clear agreements we can offer the accommodation for an attractive price, but participants can of course also opt to look for accommodation themselves.

9. Questions and information
We would like to inform interested parties and participants as well as possible with regard to content, options and other aspects of our programmes. Should there be any other questions after reading all the information that we offer, then please do not hesitate to contact us:

ITP – Instituut voor Transformatie Psychologie
Schumanlaan 7A, 1862 AA Bergen NH, The Netherlands
Telefoon: +31 (0) 6 51607758