Linkage Relationshipcoach Course

Start spring 2023, dates to be determined.

With Robert Stamboliev and staff

The only relationshipcoach course with Voice Dialogue in the world!

Are you already working as a coach, trainer or therapist with Voice Dialogue and the psychology of selves? And would you like to extend your knowledge and skills in working with relationships?

This course offers a step in the right direction. You learn to facilitate both private and work relationships. Each participant determines whether his main focus is on measure. During the intake prior to the start of the program this will be determined.

The role of vulnerability 
In order to understand the impact and causes of relationship problems between partners we must, as a relationship coach, first realise how much vulnerability plays a role in this. Suppressed and therefore unexpressed vulnerability is the ignition for most relationship problems. Because when both partners – whether in a work or private relationship – learn to communicate their vulnerability effectively, their relationship deepens.

Of course the way in which we communicate our vulnerability differs in private or work situations. In love relationships all aspects of ourselves (vulnerabilities, disowned selves) will manifest in a raw way. In work relationships this usually is not the case. Nevertheless the same dynamics are active under the surface. To facilitate work relationships effectively and with enough depth and impact it is therefore an important requirement to understand what is happening in intimate relationships.

During the training program we will dwell on the similarities and differences of both approaches extensively.

EMCC/NOBCO 34 PE points


The basic starting points we work with during this course are the principles of the Psychology of Selves, the bonding patterns and your personal experience with relationships. Particpants need to have enough experience with Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves. The course is practically oriented with sufficient theory.

Unit 1
The first unit consists of two consecutive days with the following subjects:

  • What is love?
  • Bonding patterns in relationships, with special attention for the patterns of attack and withdrawal.
  • Training in analyzing the bonding patterns (mapping), a prerequisite for all the following work.
  • Transference & countertransference.
  • Vulnerability: the key to intimacy and effective collaboration.
  • Attachment: fear, signals and needs.
  • Linkage part 1: energetic connection as a healing power.


Unit 2 – the dynamics of relationship

  • Polarities and polariasation in relationships.
  • Relationship constellations.
  • Particpants facilitate each other on a relationship theme.
  • Clearing: working through a relationship problem between the partners.
  • Linkage part 2: energetic connection as a healing force.


Unit 3 – the relationship coach conversation

  • Basic attitude: reflecting on one’s own role as a coach.
  • When to choose for an individual or relationship oriented approach.
  • Linkage part 3: energetic connection as a healing force.
  • Relationship trauma’s: never again!
  • Demonstration session with a couple (work or private) by a trainer.


Unit 4 – the right intervention at the right moment

  • Practical tools and home assignments you can give to couples.
  • Different techniques and interventions to move through impasses.
  • Sexuality and intimacy.
  • Participants facilitate a couple from their own network under supervison. This can be a work-, family-, friendship- or intimate relationship.


Unit 5 – deepening and attention for the relationship process

  • Being able to design a treatment program: from a single conversation to the larger spectrum.
  • Which area’s need first attention in a relationship crisis?
  • Further development of one’s own style.
  • How to integrate everything in one’s own practice.
  • Demonstration session with a couple (work or private) by a trainer.


Concluding day
On this final day there is an opportunity for loose ends and we dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Intensive guidance
The guidance is very intensive and is provided by Robert Stamboliev and staff.

The following books will be used during the program:

  • Embracing Our Selves – Hal and Sidra Stone Ph.D.
  • Partnering – Hal and Sidra Stone Ph.D.
  • Embracing your Inner Critic – Hal and Sidra Stone Ph.D.
  • The Energetics of Voice Dialogue – Robert Stamboliev MA
  • Focusing – Eugene T. Gendlin Ph.D.
  • Hold me tight – Sue Johnson Ph.D.
  • The article ‘Why individual coaching can be counterproductive for relationship issues‘ – Ruud Zuurman


Study load
The program consists of 5 blocks of 2 days and a final day for presentations, in total 11 days. Next to this there are 4 meetings for intervision, assignments, case and literature study.

The training program lasts 7 months.

After this course:

  • You understand the core of relationship problems and are more able to find the sore spot in these problems.
  • You have the tools to make a diagnosis and to draw up a specific guidance plan.
  • You have gained knowledge and developed skills to guide various relationships.
Practical information

Location, dates and times
The training takes place in Bergen, North Holland Province, The Netherlands on the following dates:

  • Block 1: March 2023
  • Block 2: April 2023
  • Block 3: May 2023
  • Block 4: June 2023
  • Block 5: July 2023
  • Presentations: September 2023

Your investment.

  • € 4.997,-.

Upon enrolment you need to make a downpayment of € 600. You will receive an invoice for this and your enrolment is final as soon as you have paid the registration fee. The remaining amount must be paid one month before the course commences. See also our general terms.


  • First day of each unit: 10 am to 7.00 pm
  • Final day of each unit: 9.30 am to 5 pm
  • Day of return: 10 am to 5 pm

Before commencement of the course there will be an intake appointment with each participant. If you are in doubt about whether you have sufficient knowledge and skills to take part then inquire about the entry level.

The training will be held at ITP in Bergen NH, The Netherlands. Included: coffee and tea. Lunch and dinner are not included, you can have that in one of the many nice restaurants in the area.
Different kinds of accommodation are available in the Bergen area. We are also happy to assist you in this matter.

Terms and conditions and the ITP code
The ITP terms and conditions, as well as the ITP code, apply to all of our trainings.

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